Inventory Form

We need your help to identify more historic theaters!

While our inventory is fairly exhaustive, we know we’ve missed some theaters! Follow this link to fill out an inventory form.

What does “historic” mean?

“Historic” theaters must be at least 50 years old.

What do you mean by “theater”?

We are including the following types of theaters in the inventory:

  • Movie theaters
  • Live stage performance theaters
  • Mixed use theaters (both film and performing)
  • Drive-ins

2 comments on “Inventory Form

  1. Hi watched the video very nice. Feel free to add us to your list and give me a call. 503-997-1983 or Ali Mehrabi 503-997-1983.

    The Pine was built in 1938 closed in the 70s re-opened in 2007 went digital 2014.
    I have shared your video onto our PINE page to let our comunity know how lucky we all are we where able to stay open for digital conversion. By selling commemorative advertising.
    Thank you for caring so much for a major part of nations influence MOVIES HOLLYWOOD AND CULTURE.
    Ms.Oniko Mehrabi


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