The Academy Theater in Portland, OR. Courtesy of the Academy Theater.

The Academy Theater in Portland, OR. Courtesy of the Academy Theater.

Medford’s Holly Theatre recently received substantial funding from James Collier and the Oregon Legislature. Collier is donating a substantial six-figure gift and the Oregon Legislature approved $1 million for the Holly restoration project.

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  1. I wrote a piece on the Clinton Street Theater in Portland that you may be interested in: http://pnwphotoblog.com/history-of-the-clinton-street-theater-portland-oregon/


  2. I created a video on Oregon theaters (Before the show began:Theaters of Oregon), that included many that are shown in the video you have on this site. My video can be checked out through the State Library, Multnomah County Libraries and a number of other libraries throughout the state. .
    I have done more than 30 presentations with the video and at some of the presentations I have sold the video with all proceeds going to non-profit organizations like the Egyptian Theater in Coos Bay and Restore Oregon.
    Would you be interested in having me provide presentations about theaters with the video to help promote saving these wonderful parts of our communities?
    I would be happy to answer any questions about me, the video or involvement in other projects.

    Darrell Jabin


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